Mega Fast Holographic 3D Printer is Ready to Change the Industry

A new, innovative, laser-powered 3D printer is about to take the world by storm. Not only does it look cool, but it also performs better than most of its rivals also. The new device has been developed by a startup company, Daqri, who’re making their mark in the augmented reality world.

Brian Mullins, CEO of Daqri, said, “This system uses our software-defined light modulators to 3D print in an entirely different way. The modulator is able to change the speed of individual bundles of light and cause them to interfere with analog light fields. This is essentially an object made out of light in three dimensions. When we form one of these objects inside a monomer resin, the light starts a chain reaction and solidifies into a polymer.  The reaction happens all at once, and it doesn’t matter how big or small the object is – you get an instant 3D print.”

As well as looking the part, the other fabulous thing about Daqri’s holographic printer is that it’s much faster than that of its rivals. Mullins advised, “This method prints instantly, so it’s thousands of times faster than any other method on the market and, because of that, we don’t need support materials to hold the object together as we print. We also are able to create structures in a polymer that have uniform material properties, so that the materials are much more useful versus those that are printed one layer at a time.”

Although it’s not quite ready for the consumer market just yet, Daqri is hoping to “be able to power 3D printers with our software-defined light-print engine in the next 24 months”, according to Mullins. So, it looks like this could be the best way to go in terms of 3D printing, but until more work has been done to perfect the technique, we’ll just have to work with the 3D printing technology that what we already have and hope it won’t be too long before we can all get our hands on one.

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