The World of Prosthetics Gets Even More Incredible With Help from 3D Printing

A new project is underway, courtesy of American designer William Root, which looks to redefine and remodel the whole concept of the prosthesis. His creation is the Exo Prosthetic leg and could be used to replace traditional robot prosthetics that are used today. It’s with thanks to 3D printing that making these prosthetics has become so simple, fast, and cost-effective.

With over 2 million amputees in the United States alone, this is fantastic news and could help a great number of people. Unlike most traditional prosthetics, Root’s Exo-Prosthetic leg uses a combination of 3D printing, 3D scanning, and 3D modeling software to create a product that is affordable, customizable, and beautiful on its right.

exo-prosthetic-leg-6 760 × 553

exo-prosthetic-leg-8 760 × 527




First, 3D scanning is used to create a virtual model of the limb. Then 3D software is used to create a raw model of the prosthetic and then customize it to suit the patient’s taste and aesthetics. Finally, 3D printing is used to print out the leg using titanium dust particles, and the finishing touches are made by hand at the end.

The Exo Prosthetic leg is a great alternative to the traditional prosthetics that are currently on offer. It looks better than most other examples around, is far more eco-friendly to produce than most, it can be customized to your own specification and taste, and will cost far less too. So, what is there to say no about? Check it out now.

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